We can customize any of the resources you might want to leverage within your business environment. Please review the following options and contact us for more details or options

Tier 1

Office Evaluations: Includes an initial consultation with leadership to determine their current understanding level of the threatscape and current security expectations, followed by an unscheduled visit to the office-space in order to evaluate real-world security standards of their environment and staff. This is the first step in understanding the risks associated with your business and the vulnerabilities that you face.

Tier 2

A member of PiiSec educates and trains your staff on: physical (office) security, computer hardware security, and basic cyber security measures. This step is committed to increasing your workforce’s understanding of the threats faced by your company and your industry. This training is both specialized for your niche focus and generalized toward the current cyber landscape

Tier 3

An advanced member of PiiSec who is extremely well-versed in the hacking landscape and current trends will assess the threat posed to your company and compose a technical R&A write-up. This analysis is based on an investigation into any previous attack attempts (even if you overlooked them when they were conducted), as well as threats sustained by other companies in your industry, and also considers 3rd party (affiliate) companies to determine if threats could originate from their networks. The assessment will include research on hacking entities that are most likely to target your company and identify their TTPs (tools, tactics, and procedures). We will identify the intentions of a hacker in targeting your company, including what information they would likely be after. The information in Tier 3 is vital to understanding the exact threat to your company, as well as the reasons, so that you can prevent exposure and compromise more precisely

Tier 4

An advanced member of PiiSec who is trained in hacking techniques and vulnerability assessment (Red Team) will attempt to intrude into your network using a plethora of hacking techniques in order to determine how secure your company’s system and network landscapes are. Our team is compiled mostly of military Veterans who use the tools and tactics they have learned over intensive training, as well as their innate knowledge of the enemies your company faces. They will leverage the details provided in Tier 3 or Tier 6 (if applicable), to further estimate which tactics your company should be most safeguarded against. At the conclusion of this investigation, you will be presented with a focused report identifying what, if any, vulnerabilities exist within your company and best-practice mitigation techniques

Tier 5

This includes a deeper-dive into your company’s enemies and those who pose the biggest threat to your information. Tier 5 is a full-scale assessment of the hackers/groups which either have targeted or are actively targeting your company and peer companies. Understanding who is directing threats toward you and your networks is essential in compromise prevention, because it enables predictive obstruction to the methodologies and tactics that will be aimed at your network

Tier 6

Senior leadership and members of PiiSec who are trained in compromise triage will aid your leadership and security team (if applicable) in implementing follow-on prevention and detection practices. While this tier must be combined with Tier 2, at a minimum, it is purely a consulting role. We will offer introductions to leading cybersecurity companies that excel in providing the type of on-going cybersecurity assistance that will best benefit your company. These experts will provide intrusion detection, monitor your systems/networks for indicators of compromise (IoCs), such as multiple failed login attempts, and implement/maintain your perimeter defenses. Any business relationships harvested from these introductions will be solely between your company and the new business entity