Packaged Support Products

We can customize any packages, as desired. Please give us a call if you don’t find the perfect scenario listed for your environment

Package A

Combines Tier 1 & 2 to provide a full analysis and triage of your workforce’s security standards. This package is our “basic” package which shows that you have taken the initial steps toward due diligence by educating and training of your staff on security matters. This is a service you can then promote as a benefit to your own clients. In most industries, clients expect this level of knowledge and will often take legal action if it is found that their expectations of security were not met. As with all of the products offered by PiiSec, your clients will be comforted to know that your company is performing above the competition and that your team is properly educated in the application and standards of security

Package B

Combines Tiers 3 & 4 to provide a full portrayal of the threat landscape your company faces, including: which information and methodologies would be most important to address in your security posture, which entities would target you and why, which vulnerabilities are currently present in your environment and the best-practice prevention methods. This package focuses on proactive prevention of compromise

Package C

Combines Tiers 1 through 4 for a full cybersecurity due diligence portfolio. This package includes all of the security protection we offer, except for the deep-dive into adversary groups and the follow-on protection. It is the most comprehensive package for understanding your current security trends and mitigation measures

Package D

This package is an all-inclusive, top-down approach to your threat landscape. It includes every option we provide through PiiSec and will give your company and clients the most comfort when it comes to your security approach. This package also includes the provision of expert testimony in the case of legal action taken against your company due to a breach without costing you time for our experts (travel fees not included).