General Products

  • Tactical Profiling

    A security expert conducts social engineering tests within a client enterprise to determine exact deficiencies that could lead to a loss of data or further devastation

  • Workforce Vetting

    A security expert conducts the same social engineering, spying, and vetting that a malicious actor would conduct on your workforce to preemptively identify and control weak access points

  • Workforce Resolution

    Our security team provides your workforce with counterespionage and anti-spear-phishing training, plus cyber security hygiene best practices

  • Intelligence Collection

    Our intelligence specialists use reliably sourced intelligence, gathered via diverse methods to answer both client RFIs and internal leads

  • Adversary Analysis

    Our trained intelligence professionals provide comprehensive reporting on adversaries that are or may target your enterprise. This detailed analysis explains the spy group’s motivations, capabilities, and resources to enable a solid defense

  • Vulnerability Scanning

    Our cyber security experts provide in-depth vulnerability scanning of your network; these scans are then leveraged to provide defense strategies

  • Penetration Testing

    Our cyber security experts examine access points into your network to identify how an adversary can successfully target your company

  • Red Teaming

    Our cyber security experts take on the role and mindset of an adversary and actually attempt to exploit your enterprise by leveraging all available tools and knowledge to determine what and how many of your assets they can compromise

  • Predictive Attack Matrixing

    Our cyber security and global security analysts partner to assess how trends and adversarial commonalities will likely impact your enterprise through predictive matrixing

  • Asset Protection

    Our security experts examine asset targeting and vulnerability research and provide clients with specific protection strategies. Long-term solutions are available for on-going security briefs and enterprise defense partnerships

  • Lead Commanding

    PiiSec leadership evaluates the total findings to determine what additional security partnerships that would benefit your company; introductions are made, and hand-offs transpire as needed

  • Expert Testimony

    In the unfortunate event of successful compromise of any past or current client, PiiSec experts will provide testimony toward due diligence with insurance companies or legal counsel, as needed